Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rush vs Obama Is Irrelevant!

How in the world has Rush Limbaugh versus President Obama become such a huge story in this nation? With America on the 'edge of the abyss' and so many major catastrophes threatening to take America out the back door, how is Rush challenging Obama to a debate even relevant?

For most voters in middle America, the petty and foolish 'jaw jacking' between the Obama White House and the Rush Limbaugh daily radio show... is both ridiculous and irrelevant in comparison to what is important in our lives and to our survival.

Most of us living in the nation's bread basket states don't have time for these tit-for-tat-school-boy-taunts and male pissing-matches any longer. Not when breaking news reports indicate:
South Korea and the US believe North Korea could be preparing to test-fire a long-range missile under the guise of a satellite launch. With tensions between the two Koreas extremely high, North Korea has warned that any attempt to shoot down a satellite it says it plans to launch will result in war.
That's WAR... Ladies and gentlemen!!!

And other distressing news such as:
600,000+ Americans lost their jobs last month. The job picture is becoming so bleak that nearly 700 people applied for a single job as a school janitor recently in Ohio. People are out of work and the numbers are growing daily!!
Hmmm... while Rush Limbaugh is laughing all the way to the bank?!?!!

And even more dire news that:
The U.S. stock market continues dropping like a rock. People are losing their shirts and their 401k values... their nest eggs are evaporating. The latest report that the Dow Jones is currently under 6700 points with no bottom in sight any time soon... is quite disturbing out here in America's heartland.

This is not fun or funny any longer, as Mr. Robert Gibbs jokingly said about the Rush-Obama-drama during a recent White House press briefing.

We need for the President and his staffers to ignore Rush Limbaugh and stop elevating him to the level of the prestige the office of the President represents.

We need President Obama to order Tim Geithner to cease with the procrastinating mumbo-jumbo... and present a comprehensive plan to the American people on how this Administration is going to get the U.S. economic bus out of the ditch. Remember...It's the ECONOMY STUPID...

Now is 'not' really a good time for this Administration to open up the polarizing stem cell research debate in this country... or crack open the pork versus no-pork can-of-worms as was demonstrated in Congress last week. Americans are broke, afraid, and hurting... and these hot-button issues will further inflame an already angry nation, causing further division and possible civil unrest.

Rush Limbaugh is a distraction! What we need are bi-partisan leaders who will make tough decisions and get this country back on track.


Anonymous said...

Vivian your column is very timely. Obama was elected because the people believed that he could solve the economic problems. It's now clear that he and his "advisors" and cabinet members do not have a clue about what to do. Although He never gave any indication when he was campaigning of what he would do. It seems the MSM and others who wanted so badly to get him elected never bothered to ask the right questions.

Tim Geithner is procrestinating becasue he doesn't know what to do. Now they are blaming understaffing as the reason he hasn't done anything. Is he waiting for a subordinate staff member to come up with a plan? It seems that what they are doing is just throwing out ideas to see what will stick. For example, when I heard last week that he was proposing to reduce the tax deduction for charitable contributions I knew the man was desperate and grasping for straws. When ask about how this would affect charities Obama said there was money in the budget for charities. So does that mean that churches now will have to get in line and beg for donations from the government?

All I can say to the people who voted for Obama is you wanted him now you've got him. I hope you are happy as the unemployment lines continue to grow and the stock market continues to tank.

Anonymous said...

Harriet L - Little Rock, AR

Those of us who saw Obama for what he was when he was running knew it was only a matter of time. All of his ideas on the campaign trail were Hillary Clintons ideas and plans.

He is waiting for the Republicans to produce a plan right now so he can copy it and implement it as his own and take the credit and be re-elected. Hope the GOP don't fall for that trick. Obama is such a fake.

Anonymous said...

F.P. of Iowa

I am so totally ashamed of having been fooled and for voting for this faux president. I admit I was caught up in the hype and now I see who and what he really is. My neighbors and friends are all seeing it too with our retirements and investments disappearing and BO giving lectures to us everyday instead of doing something. Heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

James E. - Dallas


Anonymous said...

Dear James E,

First off. Take THE CAPS OFF.

2nd. The real question you meant to ask is: How can anyone expect BHO to turn this economy around when he has no track record of managing anything in his life. I heard he was so broke when he spoke at the Democratic Convention a few years ago that his personal credit card was rejected. Then he hit pay dirt. Couldn't manage his own credit cards 4yrs ago but now going to get America out of hock. Pul-leez.

Anonymous said...

Ginger N. - Miami

Miss Vivian. The girls in my office love your blog. You really post some thought provoking issues (unlike the dimwit news media). You are great.

Anonymous said...

Rush is making a killing off of this. His ratings are up and his listeners increased. This WH cannot win this one. I say O is toast.

Anonymous said...

CW - Memphis, TN

I love it! Poor Obama, he reminds me of Slick Willie [Herenton](Mayor of Memphis).

When you are incredibly insecure, you feel you must defend whenever someone criticizes your actions.. When you know exactly who you are, you simply ignore the rantings of a madman like Rush.

Why dignify anything he says. He is just doing his job - inciting!

Get over it, O!