Monday, March 2, 2009

Partying At The White House Posing Problems for President

If it were any other time in America's history, headlines such as: "Obama kicks up White House entertaining"... "President Hosts Super Bowl Party At White House"... "White House Party's ROCK!" would not be so offensive. But with President Obama constantly reminding the American people how dire the economic forecast is and will be for the next several years, and the stock market falling like a rock... and with people losing homes and jobs in record numbers each month–– and quite angry about it to boot... this may 'NOT' be the best time for hosting weekly parties at the White House.

While over 60% of Americans want this president to succeed... HE has to want to succeed as well. People believed President Obama when he asked John-Q-Public to rethink the gas-guzzling SUVs they drive, and to turn the thermostats in their homes down to 70 degrees as part of a unified national sacrifice. Many Americans jumped on Obama's bandwagon when he lambasted President Bush as "clueless" for his answer to the financial crises by telling people to "go shopping".

Where is that Obama––the one who pledged to sacrifice his presidential perks along with the rest of us for purpose of country?

Across bloggersville, persons who supported Obama and those who did not, are voicing strong dislike and distrust because President Obama appears to be "fiddling while Rome is burning". These are difficult times and, unless the Obamas are paying for these parties out of his monthly salary or his 'own' money... the American people want the President to stop with these parties already! He looks hypocritical. The message he is telegraphing to voters is: 'do as I say... not as I do'.

When the economy gets better and money is flowing back in breadbasket America so that tax payers can also party like it's 1999...then Obama too can party with Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire all night long if he wants. But until then...continuing to party at the White House will pose real problems for the President!

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Anonymous said...

I agree! He playing into the Black stereotype. Party time is over. Time to get to work. The stock market dropped another 300 points yesterday. I've lost more than half the value of my retirement account and I'm too old to get a job!!!!! Change and hope have turned into the same-o-same-o except now it's the Democrats instead of the Republicans.