Thursday, June 18, 2009

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Kim Jung Il To U.S. President: Do Something

North Korean leader Kim Jung Il has upped the ante in his trash-talk to President Obama. The Dear Leader not only dares the U.S. to board his ship, Kang Nam, which left from a port in North Korea recently and could possibly be carrying missile parts or nuclear materials in violation of a UN sanction... but Jung Il has now publicly put the U.S. President on front street by threatening to fire a new round of missiles directly toward Obama's backyard: HAWAII!

After watching President Barack Hussein Obama mercilessly and calculatingly slap the snot out of that 'fly' on national television for annoying him and trying to make him look bad during the CNBC interview, and never even batted his eye or wiped his hands afterwards, it became apparent that Obama is ruthless and my money is on him. Look out Kim Jung Il

And who was that said Obama looks like he wouldn't harm a fly? Pul-leeze!

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